Heart of Red Audio by Rebecca Belliston
Heart of Red, Blood of Blue

a girl on the run.  a kingdom to save.​

Princess Gisela of Steinland was born without color. Albino. When her betrothal to Prince Jerrik of Kronga ends in his death, it starts a ten-year-war her father is determined to win, even if it means bringing her out of hiding to do it. Now the savage Krongon war commander, Bloodless Kristoff, seeks the hearts of the entire royal family, especially Gisela’s.

Desperate, her father agrees to another alliance that involves her marrying an old brute of a king. Unwilling to be the sacrificial lamb, Gisela goes on the run. Thrown into a battle between three kingdoms, she must fight for her life and the right to be truly loved.


Can the girl who started the war find a way to end it?


a note from the author

This project started years ago with a girl who popped into my mind and didn’t want to leave. Even as I worked on other stories, Gisela was never far away. She was looking for love, acceptance, some humor, and peace for her country—things most of us hope for in one form or another. I hope you enjoy her journey. If you have a spare minute, please leave a quick review of this story on Goodreads, Amazon, and share with your friends. Thanks!

Along with the novel, I wanted to tell Gisela's story musically.

I've composed 11 original piano solos in the classical/new-age style, like a soundtrack of sorts. I suppose it’s two different ways to tell the same story. Songs include: The Betrothal,” Ryder,” The Battlefield,” Vengeance,” “Tranquility,” The Dungeon,” and more.

Heart of Red Piano

This book is a masterpiece! One of my top reads of the year!

Min Reads and Reviews

5 enthusiastic stars . . . An epic story with adventure, romance, deception, and memorable characters! This is going to be one of my favorites of the year for sure. Highly recommend! 

Heidi Reads

My Top-10 Reads of 2018. Masterfully done. Long live Gisela!!!

Joy in the Moments



Albinism is a group of inherited disorders where there is little or no production of the pigment melanin which determines a person’s skin, hair, and eye color. Melanin also plays a role in the development of optic nerves, so albinism also causes vision problems. Roughly 1 in 17,000 people worldwide have albinism today, with some areas containing as many as 1 in 3,000. Albinism affects all racial and ethnic groups. Hair and skin coloring can vary from white to brown, with people of African descent having more yellow or reddish-brown hair. Eye colors range from very light blue to brown.


Even in our modern world, some continue to believe that people born with albinism are cursed or magical. Witchdoctors still sell body parts of albinos on the black market, which is unthinkable. Even in civilized societies, people with albinism are often feared, ridiculed, or cast as the “bad guy” in movies or books. Education can change the world. Please be kind to these angels on earth.


To read more about albinism, visit albinism.org.



Reader's Favorite 5-star Review

Delighted with the way the story line took on several unusual twists and turns. The vulnerable, the brave and the corrupt were blended . . .  to create an epic historical drama which kept me reading late into the night.

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