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Great Books Aren’t Written, They’re Rewritten–I Hope


My favorite author has told me many times that “Great books aren’t written, they’re rewritten.” I’m hoping that is true today.

The holidays are done, the Christmas decorations are put away. The kids are back in school which means that I am back to writing today! I am very excited to get back to the best hobby in the world. I love going back to a project I haven’t looked at in awhile. I love getting a ‘fresh look’ at the characters, the setting and the plot. Even as I type, I’m printing out a book that has a lot of my sweat and tears already in it, yet I’m ready to sweat and tear up a little more in hopes that by rewriting and rewriting and rewriting some more, I can turn my pretty good book into a really great book.

Anyway, with the release of Sadie, I had to focus on everything that goes with releasing a book. Can I just say that social media has the ability to feel like a giant black hole? …W…o…w…fun stuff. Plus, Sadie was released two weeks before Thanksgiving, the holiday which ushers in the Most Wonderfully Crazy Time of the Year. That meant putting writing and editing on the back burner. I will say, however, that I was very pleased/pleasantly surprised by the joy that comes from reaching out of my comfort zone—and this whole author-release-book-signing-blogging-talk-to-new-people-and-let-them-see-what-lives-inside-my-head was WAY out of my comfort zone, but it was fun.

But now it feels good to go back into my little piece of the world, the little corner of my mind that is reserved for the ‘What ifs’ of life. Writing. Creating. Tweaking. Writing some more. With a little luck and a lot of sweat and tears (sorry to use it again, but it fit—again), I hope to have another book released this year. More details to follow. Hopefully.

Regardless though, it is going to be another great year!

What little corner are you looking forward to now that the holidays are over?


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