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Friday Funnies: Maybe I Should Leave the House More Often



It’s possible I’m not getting out of the house enough.

In fact, I know I’m not.


In an effort to keep my youngest (the notorious 4yo from the UofM library fiasco) entertained, I’ve spent the week playing hours and hours of UNO, his new favorite game.

I should warn you: if you’re going to let a 4yo deal when you’re not watching, fate will tip wildly on his side.

Don’t believe me?



Not even so much as a lousy little Reverse.


He took the Hunger Games motto to heart. “May the odds be ever in your favor.” Or more accurately, “May the odds be ever stacked against you, you gullible mother of mine.”

I’m happy to say I almost won that round. Apparently, cheaters almost never prosper.

And just to show what hanging with a 4yo around the clock does to your brain, I find this video clip incredibly funny.

I’ve watched it more times than I should admit.



Funny, huh?

The writers of Sesame Street have a great sense of humor. I aspire to be one of them–sort of.

(I’m assuming you’ve already seen the Harvard baseball team version of this song. If not, it’s here. You must watch the whole thing. What makes this even better is that my daughter (13) was doing this little dance to the radio as we were driving. We pulled up to a red light and the man next to us, an older man in his 70s, started doing the dance with us. Classic. I love funny people!)

Have a great weekend!!!

Do you have any other “Call Me Maybe” video clips? We’re starting a collection at the Belliston household. (Must be kid-friendly) 

Comment here.



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