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I love movie soundtracks—in fact, most days, that's what I listen to. But it's not enough for me to just listen to my favorite songs, I want to play them, to experience them, and often that means I need to arrange them first.  Here are a few of my favs, plus some other songs sprinkled in. Enjoy!


Greatest Showman
Someone You Loved
Cider House
Game of Thrones
sweet hour of prayer
Revelation by Hans Zimmer from The Night Logan Woke Up (Piano Cover Tutorial)
Once Upon a December from Anastasia (Easy Piano + Tutorial)
Clifftop Prelude from Persuasion by Stuart Earl (Piano Cover + Tutorial)
Chocolat Main Title by Rachel Portman (Piano Solo + Tutorial)
London / Your Mother Loves You / Thought I'd Never Call? from Blood Diamond (Piano Solo + Tutorial)
Snow White & the Huntsman by James Newton Howard (Piano Cover + Tutorial)
The Letter from Persuasion by Stuart Earl (Piano Solo + Tutorial)
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