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souls to save

Original song based on a quote by Thomas S. Monson

Words: Gerald N. Lund

Music: Rebecca Belliston

On the pathways of life, as we journey along,
We are never alone, but we walk with the throngs.
There are some who are swift, and some who are lame;
Others may wander on pathways of shame.


  There are feet to steady, and hands to grasp,
  Minds to brighten, and shoulders to clasp.
  There are tears to be dried, and some hearts to make brave.
  There are smiles to win, and souls to save.


So our call from the Lord as we pass on our way
Is to reach out our hands; is to speak up and say,
"Can I help lift your load?" "Can I heal a bruised heart?"
Can I cheer others by doing my part?


We must always be mindful of those who are lost;
Of those all alone or tempest tossed.
It's in caring for others that sets us apart;
Give with your hands, and just love with your hearts.

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