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5 Things You Should Know Before Reading My Blog

1) I’m an author, composer, mother of five, wife, reader, teacher, Mormon, chocolate-nut, and computer geek. I will blog about any of these at any given time without any warning whatsoever, and it usually involves making up words.

2) I’m quite sarcastic and love to laugh. I also like to spout random facts that may or may not be true. As such, you should probably only take 20% of what you read here seriously. Okay, maybe 10%. On a good day. 


If it’s not raining.

3) I overuse parenthesis and hyphens because I write like I think, and my brain constantly interrupts itself.

4) I overuse emoticons because most people — unless warned with a sideways smiley — don’t realize I’m being sarcastic (see #3). Plus, I think a good little 🙂 makes me seem like a nice, normal, friendly person (as if a colon and half-parenthesis can fool anyone). 

5) I love numbered lists.

6) I can’t count.  🙂


If you’re still interested and willing to risk it, you can return to my blog here. Or if you want to read a specific topic, here’s a sampling. The rest are listed in the sidebar to the left: 


PS) I recently switched from Blogger to WordPress. Sorry if the formatting is off on some posts. 


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