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A Quick Question and Friday Funnies


This question probably needs a quick explanation.

I’m in an interesting predicament with my novel, SADIE. I live in Michigan but my publisher, Deseret Book, is based out of Utah, and a lot of my readers live out west. I knew this going into publishing since SADIE has a few LDS characters and there aren’t a lot of LDS in Michigan. I’m not disappointed in the least. In fact, this whole thing has been an amazing experience! But I happened to mention this predicament when I was in our local Barnes and Noble store recently (actually, my husband told the associate that I was an author, and she started asking tons of questions). The nice lady said that even if there aren’t a lot of LDS people around here, they might still carry my book because I’m a local author. VERY COOL.

Then I asked my local library. Same thing. Very, very cool.

Picturing Sadie on a shelf in MI.

So here’s the catch. Both places use the reviews online to decide if they’ll carry it. SADIE has received some awesome reviews on B&N.comby some awesome people that I can’t thank enough, so that store should be no problem. (It’s not officially for sale on B& yet, because it was published at DB and they have some deal with B&N and Amazon that is a long story, so I’ll just say that it should be officially for sale there sometime in February.) But the library uses Amazon.comto see what people are saying about my book, so that’s where I need a favor.

If you have read SADIE and liked it (preferably), could you take a moment and write a quick review over on Amazon.comfor me? The link is here. It would mean a lot to me! Seriously. Even if you only kinda sorta liked it, I think it would still help the library to see that people are actually reading it. (And if you’re feeling very generous, you could hop over to Deseret Book.)

Okay. Sorry. I hate asking for help—really hate it. But then again, I’m pretty sure they would frown upon me, the author, reviewing my own book. Yeah. Plus I think it would be super-uber cool to see my book in my own library. Super cool. 🙂

(For all the people who have written nice reviews on and over at goodreads.comalready, or everyone that has dropped me a note about SADIE, thank you, thank you, thank you! It’s been such a great experience.)

And for all my Michigan peeps, I’ve had some people ask if I’m ever doing a book signing here in the good old Midwest. If the Barnes & Noble in Brighton, MI decides to carry my book, I’ll ask about a sigining. It might be a long shot, but who knows. Wouldn’t that be sweet? For me at least.


Back to Friday Funnies.

This week was dentist week. Since I already had Bill Cosby on the mind from last week’s post, I nearly choked as the hygienist started asking me questions whlie my mouth was being held hostage by her metallic-smelling instruments. And they weren’t even yes or no questions. I’m looking at her like, seriously? You want me to answer here? Have you never seen Bill Cosby? You’re stretching my lips to their maximum capacity and my tongue is trying to keep up with all the stuff you’re shoving at it and you want me to tell you about my kids: their ages, gender, grades, favorite hobby, and plans for college?

It’s like going to a doctor’s office and as the nurse leads you back to the room, she inevitably asks, “How are you?” At that point, I usually smile and bite back my first response, which is, “If I was doing well, I wouldn’t be here.”

FBCs (Friendly But Clueless). Gotta love ’em.

In truth, the alternative is worse. I’d never want a hygienist who glared at me the whole time. They’re only two inches from my face. And again, the instruments. My life is in their hands. So I’ll take an FBC any day. It was just funny.

(If you haven’t seen the Bill Cosby Dentist bit, you have to watch it, because it seriously describes every trip to the dentist.)

The other funny thing at the dentist is that I’d taken my two youngest with me. My seven-year-old daughter came prepared though. She had scrounged through our couches and found two quarters because at the dentist office, they have those little toy machines they have in grocery stores where you put your quarters in and out pops the little bubble filled with cheap toys that are designed to last 30 seconds before breaking.

As she went to put her money in the machine, she said, “Is this how Dentist’s get their money?”

I looked at her and said, “Huh?”

She said, “You know. Daddy gets money when people buy cars (he’s an automotive engineer). Does the dentist get money when we buy toys?”

And I laughed.

Oh…if only it took two quarters to visit a dentist or doctor.

Favorite words of the week:

Buggagum (picture a four-year-old saying this with a huge wad of gum in his cheek. It’s awesome) Fast rewind (because if there’s a fast forward, there must be a fast rewind–or so my daughter thought) Threatening (how my middle child described his first trip to the middle school. Quite frankly, I have to agree with him.)

So how about you? Anything from your week that made you laugh? (Hopefully so, otherwise you had a really lousy week.)


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