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Book Signing: A Strange Phenomenon If You Think About It



I might be the only weird person in the world . . .

.                  And this might be kicking myself in the foot, but . . .


Why do authors sign books for people?


Don’t get me wrong. This is personally one of my favorite parts of writing. I love that people want my messy, obnoxious signature in their copy of Sadie. That’s cool. In fact, I just signed another book for someone this week. I love it!

But . . .

Why us?

  1. Why don’t teachers sign our children on the way home from school?

  2. Why don’t firemen leave big black, ashy swirls on the sidewalk after they save our house?

Fireman Dave was here! Hope you enjoy!

  1. Why don’t cement workers leave their hand print in all their beautiful work? (They’d get fired, yes, but why?)

I just find it curious that some professions get more credit than others.


A Little Bragging

Since my engineer hubby doesn’t get to sign his hard work either, I had to brag a little. For all you truck fans out there, my hubby works on the pretty shiny parts of the F-150. Yep. He is that cool. There’s an article mentioning the new exterior changes on the F-150 in the Detroit News today.



Now picture his permanent signature in the bottom left corner of that grille. Cool, eh?

Picture car salesmen saying, “Today is your lucky day! We have a genuine, autographed F-150 in our store. We keep it behind glass to protect it.”

Or picture people driving past my hubby on the street and screaming, “Stop! Stop the car! There he is. The guy who designed my grille! I have to get his autograph! STOP!!!!”

Might be a little weird, right? I know it would freak the heck outta my hubby.

So again . . .

Why authors, artists, and actors, and not engineers or computer technicians? Is it the A thing? If your profession starts with an A you give out your Autograph? Seems discriminatory somehow. And again, so I’m not misunderstood, I like signing books. I do. So . . .


Here’s my little dare


If you have a career in something that doesn’t normally require a signature, I dare you to sign something today (maybe in washable marker so you don’t get fired). See what kind of reaction you get. Sign that tooth. Sign that box of chocolates someone buys at Walmart. Go for it!

But . . .

You must come tell me about it if you do. 🙂 I’ll see if I can get my hubby to sign the next F-150 he sees, and hope he doesn’t get punched by a truck guy who doesn’t like someone messing with his truck.


(Ironically, I sign all my posts now. Don’t know why, I just do. But so you know, my real signature is not that pretty, and usually I don’t have the patience to get past the first B. It’s usually RE*scribble*)


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