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Countdown to The Pursuit

The Pursuit is less than one month away from release. I can’t believe it!

This Citizens of Logan Pond series has been near to my heart for eight years now. It’s hard to believe it’s coming to a close. Crazy.

I love these characters, and hope you do, too.

Trilogy 250

To celebrate The Pursuit’s release, I have some book deals coming up.

The first starts today:

Life Free

LIFE, book 1 is FREE this week.

So grab it and share the info with anyone who might be interested.

Here is a little about the series:

When the financial collapse of America wipes out life as Carrie knows it, she finds the will to survive with a man determined to hate her. Citizens of Logan Pond (LIFE | LIBERTY | THE PURSUIT) is a dystopian romance set in the not-too-distant future.

“A must-read for young and old alike.” – In D’tale Magazine

About The Pursuit (book 3):

Let the chase begin…

 Six years ago, with the financial collapse of her country and the death of her parents, Carrie Ashworth swore to protect her siblings. She has fought to build a life for them in her illegal clan. Now home and recovering from a government-spread virus, she’s ready to pursue a little happiness of her own. With Greg.

Greg Pierce has no plan to join the growing rebellion or their “Live free or die” mentality. Even after compulsory military service deepened his hatred of President Rigsby’s regime, he wants nothing more than to leave it all behind and start a quiet life with Carrie in Logan Pond. But when word reaches them that Oliver, their patrolman friend and protector, is missing, Carrie and Greg are thrown into a race for survival. Chief Jamansky has discovered Oliver’s little secret and now he wants revenge, forcing their clan to consider abandoning Logan Pond forever.

 In this battle for siblings and friends, for homes lost and freedoms stolen, the citizens must ask: How far would you go to pursue happiness?


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