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Dystopian, Dystopian, Dystopian

I’m editing. And editing. And editing a little more. I can feel my manuscript tightening, growing, and hopefully gaining strength. Editing is like the refiner’s fire. I love it.  The lovely Cassie Mae was my guest yesterday and she gave 8 awesome tips on editing (check it out here). Tomorrow, Jessica Khoury will also discuss editing. Jessica’s debut novel, ORIGIN, will be released from Penguin/Razorbill sometime in September. If you haven’t heard or read about this new YA novel, check it out here. It looks awesome! 

Back to my manuscript. While I have started and will finish–at some point–a sequel for Sadie, the manuscript I’m working on right now has nothing to do with Sadie. It’s set in the near future. It’s a romance. It’s dystopian. And I’m soooo excited about it.  If you’re not sure exactly what dystopian is, neither am I. It’s just fun to say. Dystopian. Just kidding. What I think it is–hope it is–is a genre set in a future with an out-of-whack society. Think opposite of utopia. It’s playing the “What if?” game in a futuristic setting–only in a  depressing way. Kind of weird that I love it so much because I’m usually an optimistic person, but really, it’s a blast to write! And read.  (There’s a fascinating article on today talking about the trends in dystopian literature through the years. You can read it here.) Some of my favorite dystopian novels/series are Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins), Matched (Ally Condie), Host (Stephenie Meyer), and Uglies (Scott Westerfeld). But since I’m writing dystopian, I would love to read more of it. So I’m here asking you guys:  What are your favorite dystopian novels? I know there are a lot in the YA genre, and I love YA, but I would also love to read some good ones in the adult market if you know of any. So what do you love?

While I’m on the dystopian subject, I’m going to see Hunger Games tomorrow! Yeah, I’m just a little excited. Please Hollywood, stick to the book! If you haven’t read Hunger Games, do. It’s awesome.

Come back tomorrow to meet the fabulous Jessica Khoury. Until then, Choose to have a good day!


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