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Few Updates: Deseret News, B&N, Amazon

Hey friends, I had to update you on a few exciting things. 

1) Deseret News Interview

A portion of my interview with Nick Galieti from the Good Word Podcast posted this morning on the Deseret News, the main newspaper in Salt Lake City. That’s so cool! Read it here or click on the caption below to read the whole article.


You can also read the full interview with the Good Word Podcast is here.

Augustina update

Also, this morning, AUGUSTINA ranked in the top 1% of all books on Amazon. There are 8,000,000 books on Amazon, so being in the top 1% means it ranked around 80,000, but hey, I’m excited. Thanks for everyone who has supported my new book!

And lastly, AUGUSTINA, is available on Barnes and Noble now. So here are the updated links:





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