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Friday Funnies: Friday the 13th


I love to laugh. I love anything that makes me laugh. Books. Movies. People. Whatever. My husband and I are married to this day because he could (and still can) make me laugh.

So I decided that every Friday this blog will be dedicated to “Friday Funnies.” I will post something from the week that I either saw or experienced that made me laugh. Chances are, I’ll have already posted something during the week that I found amusing, but Fridays will be specific for laughing, because let’s face it, the family is finishing up with school and work and being…not-here, and before they invade my little work space that I call home, I need to bolster my energy. If I don’t start the weekend laughing, I’m sure to end it crying. Maybe the same is true for you.

So Friday Funnies. I’m excited!

Interestingly, today is Friday the 13th , which reminds me of a story I wrote back in elementary school. My teacher asked us to create a scary story for Halloween. I happened to love Halloween and was doing pretty well for the first half. I even had all the elements of a bone-chilling tale:

  1. One dark and stormy night—check.

  2. Full moon—check.

(note to self: how can you tell if it’s a full moon when it’s stormy?)

  1. Scary house that kids walk past to trick-or-treat—check.

  2. Owls hooting in the background—check.

And then, just to up the ante, I added this simple phrase that is the sole reason I’ve saved this story for the past 20 years.

“And,” I wrote frantically, “it was Friday the 13th!”

Dun, dun, dun (picture scary music here.)

I’m not sure how long it took me to figure out the impossibility of having Halloween on Friday the 13th. (Quite frankly, if you can’t figure it out, I’m not sure I should tell you.) But the second I did—or the second my older brother pointed it out, which is the more likely story—I’ve laughed about it ever since. It was the scariest Halloween story ever! I was so proud that I was the first person in history to think of that small twist. (I was the last, too, I might add.)

My point is that for “Friday Funnies” to work, you have to be able to laugh at yourself. Laughing at others is good fun, sure, but it’s even better when you can laugh at yourself. Not with yourself, at yourself. Then we can laugh at you, too.

So…here’s a quick list of things that make me laugh:

1) HITCH, the movie. It makes me giggle. Seriously.

So does ELF. Hilarious.

And BILL COSBYAS HIMSELF for that matter. The first time I watched the full 90 minutes of Bill Cosby, it brought tears to my eyes. The good kind.

And I should probably add LOONEY TUNES to the list. Our family favorite is this one. So classic!

Does somebody need a hug?

I start the fire, then I make the pizza

Hey, just a minute, you! Them’s fightin’ words!

2) Listening to my kids. They make me laugh daily. Here’s a small sampling from this morning:

My youngest was running around frantic and asked, “Where’s my BIU ball?”

For the life of him, he can’t get that Y in there, even though BIU is ten times harder to say than BYU. Of course this is the child that still says words like “shmarshmallows” and “blanklet.” I can’t bring myself to correct him. It’s too funny. And cute.

My middle child also asked me today, “Do Robots have brains?”

I was kind of distracted when I answered, “Sort of. They have a computer that works like a brain.”

“Does that mean they go to heaven when they die?”

I turned to him with a smile. He could see that I found this funny, but he was dead (pun intended) serious.

“Because if not,” he added, “where else would they go?”

I wiped the smile from my face, and said, “Well buddy, they don’t have a real brain. It’s just a computer doing the thinking for them. They aren’t alive.”

“But that’s what I mean!” he shot back. “You said they can think, and so what will they think if everyone else gets to go to heaven and they don’t?” At which point I started laughing.

Kids are awesome!

Poor C3PO. And he had such a good heart. Oh wait. No he didn’t. Man, he’s doomed.

3) The last thing I’ll mention that makes me laugh is the Demotivators at

If you aren’t familiar with Demotivators, they’re posters that at first glance look like those pretty pictures you see in business and dentists’ offices across America. But when you lean in to actually read the words (which most people in offices never do), you bust up laughing. I’m tempted to plaster my house with these. Or maybe I should get a real job so I can have a real office to plaster these on–that would be the only reason to have a real job in my opinion.

My favorite demotivator at the moment is Give up. Or maybe Individuality. Or Consistency. Winners is another winner. And just because I’ve started blogging and promised to laugh at myself, check out the one on Blogging as well. TOOO funny. (If you click on each word it’s linked to the poster, but if you want to see the whole list it’s here.) And for all you business owners and bosses, do us all a favor and post one of these on your wall because seriously, we could all use a good laugh.

Those are just a few things that crack me up. I’m really looking forward to Friday Funnies. I also hope you’ll share your funny stories, too, because if I can’t laugh at myself, I might as well laugh at you. 🙂

So what makes you laugh? Anything from this week that brought tears to your eyes—the good kind?


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