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Friday Funnies: Neon Moons and Sparkly Nails



My boys seem to star in every Friday Funny post. That’s because they’re…well…crazy.

I have three boys. 16, 11, and 4.

Between the three of them, they’re always coming up with something that makes me want to laugh (or pull out my prematurely graying hair).

The 16yo wanted to paint his room this week. He sleeps in the almost-finished basement, which means his room has been in various stages of construction for five years. He’s a patient kid. When I asked him what color he wanted to paint his room, he said, “Blue and green.” In my mind, I was thinking, navy blue and forest green. A very masculine combination. But dark. Too dark for a basement, in my opinion. I tried to talk him out of it and got him to agree to one wall blue, one green, one white, and one striped with the three colors.

A compromise.

Then we went to the paint store. I suddenly realized what he meant by “blue and green.” Not just any blue, but bright royal blue. And not just any green, but neon, hurt-your-eyes green. In fact, the technical name of the green paint was “Shockingly green.” And it is.

I stared at the paint swatch and thought, “ARE YOU NUTS!” Yet out of my mouth came a calm, controlled, “Are you sure? It’s pretty bright.”

“Yeah. It’s sweet!”

Since his room is the absolute furthest room from mine I consented to this crazy color combination. I have been priming and painting ever since. Here’s what we have so far.

You walk into the room now and everything is cast under a greenish glow. It’s awesome. (And reminiscent of a snow suit Sadie wore in my book if you’ve read it). I must say, it makes me laugh every time I walk in. Love that kid.


The 4yo gave me and our neighbors a great laugh this week.

Us adults were sitting back on our deck one evening while the kids played capture the flag. The perfect way to spend a summer evening. 

The 4yo came tearing onto the deck and said, “Mom. Mom! The moon is following me!”

He then darted back and forth on the deck, dodging the chairs and us adults while keeping his eye on the sky. “See! It’s following me!”

We laughed. But he wasn’t done.

This continued for five minutes! He dodged left, faked right, ran back and forth and over to the driveway, trying to lose the moon. But that clever lunar beast knew exactly where he was headed.

Thankfully my son found this terribly funny and not terribly frightening.

I mean, think about it. How creepy is it that something as big as the moon follows you EVERYWHERE you go! No wonder why some people insist that the universe revolves around them. 🙂 I found it too amusing to correct him. If you haven’t noticed yet from my posts, I rarely correct my children. I know. I’m horrible. But…if he still thinks the moon is following him in his adult years, I’ll assure him that the world does not, in fact, revolve around him.

Even though right now it does–at least for our family (and neighborhood).

To prove this, the last story is also about him. Actually, it’s about my eldest daughter as well. I guess it’s not just the boys doing crazy things.

I was gone several hours today, taking care of many things, including getting a driver’s license for my eldest son (STAY OFF THE ROADS!).

My daughter has had to babysit the other kids a lot this week because of my crazy schedule. She wasn’t too happy to babysit again today. You see, her summer hours are very limited and very precious. She only gets to see her friends every day, not every hour, and as she often reminds me, that is JUST NOT ENOUGH.

Feeling sorry for her, I told her she could still hang out with her friends as long as they kept an eye on my youngest. The 4yo being followed by the moon.

Note to self: begrudged daughters will take out frustrations on unsuspecting children to get revenge on trusting mothers

Not only does he have these amazing pedicured piggies (and really, they are quite amazing with the orange sparkly polish and perfectly formed daisies), but he can describe them sooo well, too.

Him: “Um, it is pumpkin orange. Um…and it’s sparkly. And it’s gray sparklies. And, and it has flowers on it!”

Me trying not to burst out laughing: “What do you think daddy will say?”

Him: “Oh. Those are beeeautiful!”

Sadly this is not the first time it’s happened. (See related post here; I’ll never learn)

Even more sadly, I’m sure it won’t be the last.


Have a great weekend!


Anything funny happen to you this week?


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