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Friday Funnies: Turtle Update



Friday Funnies are a time for me to reflect on what made me laugh through the week. 96% of the time, it’s something with my kids (96% sounds scientific, doesn’t it? It wasn’t. Refer to #3 in this post).

What can I say, I’m a stay-at-home mom of five. If I don’t laugh at my kids, I’ll go insane.

Last week, I poked fun of my eldest in the video, Teen vs. Turtle. He’s such a good sport. He told me I could post the video, not realizing how much flack he’d get for it. Now his friends tease him like crazy.


I’m so terrible, I’m going to post it again in case you missed it.

(I know. He’ll go to therapy about me someday, but seriously, this video cracks me up. And you need to see it to appreciate the pictures below.)



So this week happened to be this son’s birthday. His friend brought over a present. Actually, the present was from the whole family as I understand it, since he’s friends with most of them.

The second he started pulling things out of the bag, I laughed and laughed.

There was this…


Rubber, freaky-looking turtle


And all of these…


Four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles PLUS a box of chocolate turtles


I didn’t even know you could buy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles anymore. Now he has four!


I love people with a sense of humor! His friends obviously have one. Luckily, so does my son. He loved his present. I think he even secretly likes the video.

I think.

Plus, the box of chocolates almost makes all the teasing worth it. I hope.

So that’s what made me laugh this week. How about you? Anything funny? See any snapping turtles? 🙂

PS) As I learn WordPress, I keep adding things to my blog. You’ll now see a few new tabs on the top. “On Writing” and “Friday Funnies.” Those seem to be people’s favorites, so I thought I’d make them easier to find. Check them out. And as always, have a great day!


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