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Friday (sort of) Funnies: In Case of Emergency



I haven’t posted Friday Funnies for a few weeks. Sorry. Summer with 5 kids is crazy, but fun. Actually, it’s more like summer with 13 kids since my kids’ friends are in and out quite often. It’s not surprising I’m running three days behind on everything.

Anyway, plenty of things have made me laugh lately. Here’s just one.

I was just asked to teach the early morning seminary class in our ward (the Bible class for teens that starts at 6am every morning before school).

Yesterday, the previous seminary teacher gave me this:


I’ve been laughing ever since. (Thanks LeeAnne!)

For the record, you’re my witness that the glass has not been broken yet. Good thing the chocolate is protected or it wouldn’t be there. We’ll see how long it lasts once the school year begins. It’s sitting next to my computer tempting me right now.

Have a great one!


PS – Anything make you laugh recently? Care to share?


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