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FYI Sadie

A couple of things…

The eBook version of Sadie is now available at as well as  I’m very excited for this since my Kindle Fire should be arriving any day. This is my first ever official technological toy. Now if only I can figure out how to use it…Thank goodness I have two teenagers. (Did I really just say that?)

Also, Chapter 1 was just posted on Deseret Book’s site as well. So if you’d like a sneak peek, check it out here and click EXCERPT down below the photo. It’s only Chapter 1, not the Prologue or any of the other chapters, so I suppose they are hoping you’ll still buy the book so you can read the rest. 😉

And lastly, don’t forget that if you’d like to win a FREE, signed, personalized copy of Sadie, just comment below or over at Sarah’s blog. (For more details, click here).

Thanks to everyone who has had such nice things to say about Sadie thus far. It’s so exciting to have the world meet these characters that have been living inside my head for three years. Have a great one!!

This picture is proof (to myself) that Sadie is actually really truly on bookshelves somewhere. I still can’t believe it. Thanks Jennifer for the pic.


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