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Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me - Beethoven's Tempest

I love Beethoven—pretty much anything he wrote, but especially his piano sonatas. I wish I could play all of them (life goal). His 17th sonata, 3rd movement, is one I've worked on for many years. Some call it "The Tempest." Yesterday I had been playing it, practicing, and loving it all over again. After I left the piano, the melody continued in my head, but very slowly, almost like a lullaby. In an instant, the song changed for me, from frantic emotion to a sad plea. I wondered if it could work as a vocal solo, even a hymn.

Of course I started searching for the perfect fit.

I found the hymn quickly, "Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me"—also a favorite of mine. The first line says, "Jesus, Savior, pilot me over life's tempestuous seas." I knew the two were meant to be together. It's a sadder version of the hymn than maybe you're used to, and yet Beethoven's melodies carry so much emotion and beauty, even in the pain, that I hope you hear the powerful message that the Savior can help us through all our tempests.



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