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More March Book Madness


Well, I jinxed myself. In an earlier post this month I not only announced March Book Madness, but I boasted of my amazing ability to win our family bracket competition every year (or close to it) in the real NCAA basketball March Madness.

Not this year.

I’m already out and the Elite Eight just finished yesterday. Oh well. It looks like the 7yo girl is going to win. 🙂 There are three girls in our family of seven, leaving four sports-crazy boys, and yet one of us girls wins the March Madness competition EVERY year. It’s so sweet! It actually goes to show that rankings actually mean something, since us girls rarely pick upsets. Don’t tell the boys that, though. We’re lovin’ this. Okay. I’ll quite gloating.

Anyway, here’s a quick note about March BOOK Madness tomorrow with Tricia Pease. See you then.


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