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New Goals for a New Year: KISS


Happy New Year everyone!

So I’m going against my personality this year. I’m setting some goals. I know. Shocking, right? I figure that if I write them down here then I can’t deny them later in the year (or next week).

So…in no particular order…




1) Blog every weekday. I’m a little concerned about this one because I’m still new to the whole blogging thing, but I’ve had a few friends inspire me and since I don’t journal, this will have to do. Why only weekdays you ask? More accurately, it will be every school day and that’s due to goal #2 (see below). As part of goal #1 though, I’ve decided to break my blogs into sub-topics: writing, reading, composing, mothering, laughing, learning, designing, philosophizing, etc. I also hope to have 1,000 followers by the end of the year. A lofty goal, right? Thankfully this includes facebook and twitter. Maybe even Christmas cards. If you want to be really kind, you can start my 2012 off right and either follow this blog (see links on left), or like my facebook page, or follow me on twitter. Or do all three. 🙂 Does that sound too desperate? Maybe. I should probably stick with lofty. That sounds better. I’ll keep you updated on this goal here.

(What’s a -ing verb for goals? I’m kinda into this -ing verb thing and ‘goaling’ just doesn’t sound quite right.)

Be forewarned, though. There will be no blogs posted here on cleaning, cooking, or laundering. This isn’t one of those blogs and I’m not one of those people. This blog is here to cheer me up (and possibly you) and those three things will just bring us all down. Right? Right.

Okay. On to number two.

2) Try to be a nicer person. Now I picture my wonderful hubby saying, “How do you quantify that?” He’s an engineer and engineers need to quantify everything. Well hon…um…I don’t. I just want to try to be more kind, patient, forgiving and thoughtful. This includes mothering, neighboring, wiving, driving and all other areas where I tend to fall short. It also means that I must put people before hobbies. Yes, this will be a stretch goal.

3) I have a few Book of Mormon goals here that I’ll lump together: read every day, read the whole thing, and spread the wealth.

4) Get another book published. As easy as it may sound considering I’ve already had one done, it’s not. But I’m looking forward to the challenge.

And beyond that, there’s a whole boatload of stuff I know I should be working on, but I’ll just keep it simple for now. Keep It Simple. I guess that is goal #5.

5) K.I.S.S. My hubby’s thinking, “YES!”, but I mean the acronym more than the action. It’s time to simplify. Slow down. Enjoy life. Stop to smell the roses and dance in the rain and all that good stuff. Hopefully you will too. And maybe this *KISS goal could include kissing my hubby from time to time. Of course, that circles back to goal #2, which means I’m doing great!

Here’s to *KISSing in 2012. 🙂

Anyone else out there new to this whole goal setting thing? What are some of yours? Will you KISS this New Year? 🙂

*KISS stands for Keep It Simple Stupid. I didn’t come up with the acronym, and in case you find it insulting (no, I do not think you’re stupid) you can change it to Keep It Simple Smartie. But that would be stupid. 🙂


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