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Sadie Release Date

Just received word on the official release date for Sadie…


How cool is that? Not only is it a few weeks earlier than I was expecting, I don’t think I’ll have any problems remembering that date in the future. I was told that some stores along the Wasatch front might have it sooner, maybe even as early as next Wednesday, but the others should have Sadie November 11th!!!

Someone who lives in Utah needs to take a picture of it on the shelf for me. That’s one of the bummers of living far away from any LDS bookstores.

Nine days! Really only eight since today is basically over. And since Thursdays are completely pointless days in the week–I mean, seriously, who likes Thursdays?–then I can basically say I’m a week away from having my name on some store bookshelf somewhere. How seriously cool is that?

Have I mentioned lately how excited I am?



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