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Writers Helping Writers:Mastering the Art of Cliffhangers

Happy After Holidays! Anyone else ready to get back to a normal schedule? I am, because it finally means I get to pursue happiness–I mean, write. As in, write THE PURSUIT, which I think some of you are waiting for.

So . . . I’m thrilled to be settling into January. Hope you are, too. 🙂

Today, I’m guest blogging over on Writers Helping Writers (the people who brought us the amazing Emotion Thesaurus).

My post is about MASTERING THE ART OF CLIFFHANGER ENDINGS (something I also hope to work on today). I talk about the importance of chapter endings and how to end a scene without a chapter break.

Mastering the Art of Cliffhangers by Rebecca Belliston

So check it out. (And browse around while you’re there because they have so many great writing tips on their blog and in their books.)

Happy writing!


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