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simply preludes


I often get asked to play for church services, so I decided to put together some simple organ/piano preludes. A few notes:

  • Most prelude/postlude I play is about 10 minutes long, so this book is set up with that in mind.

  • The arrangements are meant to be adaptable. Feel free to change octaves, repeat or not, or skip the optional ending. Preludes often need flexibility, and I've tried to add that in.

  • Every hymn is in the same key so you can skip around without it sounding jarring. My favorite key is E, but I know it's not everyone's favorite, so these are also available in D. 

  • While technically meant for organ, these work for piano. If you add lyrics, these could also work for choirs or  small string ensembles. 

  • This is still a work in progress. I hope to have 30 or so hymns when I'm finished, so check back for updates and additions.


FREE SHEET MUSIC: Organ or Piano (Key of E, Key of D)
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